We wish to honor the life and work of Thomas Stanton, colonial founder of Hartford and Stonington, CT.

He helped mold and shape their size, shape, and general character. He helped forge a society that preserved and advanced the best of European culture while respecting the needs and desires of the local native American population.

Stonington historical marker
Stanton homestead painting
Stanton homestead
About Us

Purpose of the Society

The purpose of the organization is to bring together widely spread cousins into a social fabric for the enjoyment of family and local history, and for exchanging information in the pursuit of genealogy and family pedigrees. We hope to instill a joy in visiting New England and eastern Connecticut. We believe that by studying Thomas Stanton and his compatriots and by viewing his historical sites that we can actually feel the sense of history and its energy. (from Thomas Stanton Newsletter Number 3, December 1998.)

  • President – Rick Stanton
  • Secretary & Membership – Lynn Alexander
  • Vice President – Nancy Ryan
  • Treasurer – Donna Amentt
  • Newsletter Editor – Tom Mennillo

Recent News

outdoor festival illustration

Happy 350th birthday to the Road Church

The Stonington, Connecticut, church co-founded by Thomas and Anna Lord Stanton is celebrating its 350th anniversary. The year-long celebration of the First Congregational Church of Stonington (the Road Church) will kick off with a Founders’ Day Festival from 11 a.m.…

Stanton Society 2022 reunion

Together again for reunion 2022

For three days, 47 Stanton cousins and family members gathered in the near-perfect weather of early fall Stonington, Connecticut, to enjoy walks, talks, tour, displays, a brief business meeting and, most  important, a kinship that’s best savored over shared meals.…

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Improved communication

The Thomas Stanton Society is moving toward more online facilitated communication. It is hoped this will bring our members closer together. It will also allow those considering membership to reach us more easily. We encourage all Society members and prospective…


The Thomas Stanton Society is continually looking for new members. If you are a descendant of Thomas Stanton and Ann Lord, consider joining us. Membership is a great way to meet new cousins and share our stories. If you believe you may be a descendant and need a little help, feel free to use the tools in the Genealogy section of this website. We would love to have new members join our family community. Applications are available online. The Thomas Stanton Society also has a private Facebook group where cousins get to know each other better and share genealogy information with each other. To request access send an email to the Society President.