Homestead Museum

The Stanton Davis Homestead Museum holds a special place in the hearts of Thomas Stanton Society members. We used to hold our reunions on the grounds here, starting in 1995.  In the early reunions, many people camped in the field nearby.  A large tent was always erected and provided us shelter.  Being near this house, which Thomas built, the oldest home in Stonington, has given us a real sense of our colonial family heritage.

The house, under restoration, is not open for regular tours. However, during our reunions, we arrange guided tours. We are especially enthralled to enter the home and hear about the beautiful spiral staircase, imported from England; the built in corner cabinet in the living room, likewise imported, and notice the crown molding surrounding the ceiling.

Some of us have been on several tours and continue to be amazed at the unique and interesting artifacts throughout the house.  It alone is worth the trip to the reunions.

Whit and Stanton table

After one of the reunions Whit made a major decision to turn the house over to the Museum, a non-profit organization.  A goal of the museum is to restore the structure and preserve the artifacts.  University of Connecticut student interns are currently cataloging the artifacts.

A major goal of The Thomas Stanton Society is to support the Stanton Davis Homestead Museum in whatever way we can help.  We hope for the day that its preservation is guaranteed so our grandchildren’s grandchildren can visit and enjoy it.  We invite you to visit the Museum website to view the considerable progress.


The Stanton Davis Homestead Museum requires major fund raising to reach its goals. We hope all TSS members will consider donating to this worthy cause. I think we have one of the most unique old New England homes here and a collection of artifacts that is quite unusual. It is one of a kind historical treasure. The homestead is currently under extensive renovations.

Here is an interesting YouTube video on the homestead:

The Thomas Stanton Society is forever grateful to Whit Davis (who died May 4, 2016 at the age of 91) for donating his homestead, built by Thomas Stanton in the 17th century, to The Stanton Davis Homestead Museum organization, allowing its preservation for future generations.